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Farming Circe's Acres
Farming Circe's Acres

By John Rubadeau

Farming Circe’s Acres: The year of the pigs [Earthview Media; December 1, 2011; $16.00 trade paperback] is a brilliant satire of the back-to-nature movement of the 1960s and 1970s. The novel, written in John Rubadeau’s inimitable style, is a Horatian satire finely crafted to appeal to Shakespeare aficionados as well as those who think Horatian is an Armenian guy. This volume’s 225 taut pages should be required reading for dues-paying members of the literati as well as those in arrears.

John Rubadeau is a novelist who teaches writing at the University of Michigan. One of the university’s most popular educators, Rubadeau won the university’s 2005 Golden Apple award for his work in inspiring and engaging students in the pursuit of knowledge.

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